Ge(001) before and after gold evaporation and annealing
Kernel of the 4-probe microscope (left), crushed tip on Si surface (middle), two STM tips over gold structures on Ge(001) surface

EU structural funds in Poland
Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Measure 2.1 “Development of high research potential centres” within the Priority Axis 2. “R&D infrastructure”.

“Atomic Scale Science for Innovative Economy” (ATOMIN)


Project co-financed from EU resources (European Regional Development Fund) under the polish title: “Badanie układów w skali atomowej: nauki ścisłe dla innowacyjnej gospodarki”, contract number with Ministry of Science and Higher Education: POIG.02.01.00-12-023/08 for years 2008-2012.

One of our laboratories was equipped within the programme with the Integrated System for Nanostructures Synthesis and Diagnostics in Ultra-High Vacuum and Extreme Temperatures.
The top surface planar atomic scale logic circuits will be tested using newly developed N probes, UHV-compatible atomic scale interconnection machines. These interconnection instruments are integrated within one large UHV system which incorporates a surface preparation chamber, a UHVtransfer printing device, an FIM atomic scale tip preparation device, an LT-UHV-STM (or NC-AFM) microscope, and a N-nanoprobe system under a scanning electron microscope (or an optical for insulating surface) navigation system. Uniquely, we will use and develop further the only N-probe UHV interconnection machines which currently existing in the world. These machines are the ultimate UHV compatible multi-probe testers reaching nanoscale precision. Before encapsulating the front side under UHV conditions, electrical characterisation will be carried out in parallel with the electrical testing of the back interconnects.

About the programme:
The Programme Innovative Economy is one of six national programmes under National Strategic Reference Framework, which are co-financed from EU resources (European Regional Development Fund). This programme is directed mostly to all entrepreneurs who want to implement innovative projects connected with research and development, modern technologies, investments of high importance for the economy or implementation and use of information and communication technologies.

The project of Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science, and Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University entitled Atomic Scale Science for Innovative Economy (ATOMIN) was successful in the first competition within the Operational Programme Innovative Economy, Measure 2.1 Development of centres with high research potential.
Both Faculties were granted with a total amount of 90 273 034, 42 PLN.
The project runs from June 1, 2009 to May 30, 2012.
The main goal of the Project is to develop a research potential of the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Science and Faculty of Chemistry to be capable of undertaking advanced research in Bio, Techno and Info domains. Modernization and consolidation of a scientific apparatus to the European level will allow transferring of knowledge and technology to the national and European economy, increase high-level personnel training and international scientific cooperation.
As a result, several interfaculty Laboratories is going to be created. It includes: Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology and Surface Science, Biomedical Applications of Physics and Chemistry, Photonics, Spectroscopy and Laser Quantum Technologies as well as Advanced Computation Technologies. The laboratories will be equipped with modern scientific apparatus allowing high-level research involving 120 researchers and 500 students.

June 2009 - May 2012

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