Ge(001) before and after gold evaporation and annealing
Kernel of the 4-probe microscope (left), crushed tip on Si surface (middle), two STM tips over gold structures on Ge(001) surface

NANOSAM - research groups

NANOSAM Center consist of two research groups:

1. Group of Prof. Marek Szymonski. It is concerned on several topics including:
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy in both experimental and theoretical aspects.
  • Surface modification and structurization by means of ions, electrons, photons or a molecular beam epitaxy.
  • Surface characterization with techniques such as SIMS, SNMS, ISS, LEED, XPS and AES.
  • Research on biological and self assembly molecular systems.
  • Applying Gamma ray and X ray holography and tomography.
  • Interactions between atoms or molecules and ultra-short laser pulses.


2. Group of Prof. Zbigniew Postawa is concerned on both experimental and simulation based studies of processes during low energy ions surface bombardment. more...


3. Group of Prof. Andrzej Budkowski


4. Group of Prof. Franciszek Krok


5. Group of Prof. Jacek Kołodziej
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